• “Why are your company’s products so expensive? Did you all mark up the prices to pay commissions?”

    “If your opportunity is so great, why are you still holding on to your full-time job?”

    “How long have you been in the business? And how much money are you making per month?”

    To be really effective in sponsoring, you must bring out the pain of not changing and make it vivid.M. Well this is both a truth and a lie.

    (B) Questions Commit Your Prospect

    When your prospect arrives at the decision to join your MLM opportunity because of how he answers your questions, he’ll feel ownership of his decisions and is less likely to change his mind

    “The Master Network Marketer seldom gives the right answers, he simply ask the right questions.


    (A) The Seriousness of His Situation

    Most people are living in their comfort zones and are relying on the government and their bosses to take care of them. She's just going to scream, "Please help me get rid of the pain!" And this is the precise moment you should introduce the pleasure to alleviate her from her pain – Your MLM opportunity (This is in adherence to the ‘Principle Of Contrast’ in my FREE newsletter)

    Because pain is the strongest of all human emotions, Master Network Marketers have discovered that when they draw out enough pain from their prospects, the investments needed to join their Network Marketing Opportunities will usually not be an issue. Too often we hear the same old “motivational” clichés:

    "Why aren’t you making more prospecting calls?!!!"

    "You’ve got to have MORE face-time! That's what you need to sponsor more people and make more sales!"

    "Get out on the street, distribute more flyers, talk to more strangers… do whatever it takes to succeed!"

    Unfortunately, their answer is almost always identical: If you want to sponsor more people, you have screw and barrel to meet more people.

    - And you need to be able to get prospects to pursue you and your opportunity instead!


    The answer is lies in the fact that people are actually very averse to PAIN! It doesn’t matter whether you are using the traditional F.R. Remember this: Emotions motivate; logic enervates.

    All Master Network Marketers understand that when it comes to retailing MLM products, prospects buy because of emotional reasons.


    Sitting down patiently with your prospect and sharing with him ad nauseam about all of the wonderful reasons why he should join your MLM opportunity and why he should pay money for your products doesn't work! Believe it or not prospects hate it, and they badmouth you for it!

    Network Marketing is a very different ball game today compared to a decade ago. When a patient is in extreme pain, she's not going to ask where her doctor went to college and when he graduated. approach or the more sophisticated Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrants in your Business Opportunity Presentations, you must ask questions that will get your prospects associated with their pain.

    Yes you can do more presentations, and you may sponsor more people by doing so…

    Or you may not…

    If making more and more presentations was the solution, then wouldn't you be recognized as the top distributor in your company by now?

    You can no longer afford to bombard your prospects with “FREE” education that they don't want anymore!

    As a MLM Trainer, I always advice novice networkers to change some of their approach towards sponsoring, and to learn the following…

    - You MUST be able to stir up your prospect’s emotions using the Power Of Questions...

    Although it’s natural for all of us to be drawn toward the pleasure emotion, our strongest emotion is actually to avoid pain. When you do not know what prospect’s pain is, no amount of "closing techniques" will get him to enroll as a distributor or buy your products.

    - You need to learn to bond with people fast – no matter how difficult they are.

    Let us now look at why questions are so valuable. The prospect’s pains, once brought into the forefront of his mind, will induce a state of ‘agonizing frustration.O.Here’s the truth that most MLM leaders in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & everywhere else in the world are NOT revealing. And when there's no pain, the sponsoring process is usually long drawn with your prospects treating you like some low class salesman and you’ll be bombarded with a barrage of questions like:

    “If your opportunity is so fantastic, why don’t you pay for my membership and products first? I’ll pay you back once I make the money. Prospects make decisions based on emotion and then justify their actions with logic. Unfortunately, the excellent ones are few. A prospect who associates no drawbacks or very little pain in the status quo will not join your MLM opportunity. The excellent ones will coach you on how to become a great networker. Screw up a few times and there goes your morale – or maybe even your dream of ever creating a residual income!

    Most successful uplines have forgotten what it is like to be new in this business.”

    James Leong

    Master Trainer in NLP


    Without a commitment, you are left hanging as to whether or not the sponsoring process is really moving forward.’ This emotion will in turn cause him to be more readily open to your MLM opportunity. She’s not even going to ask what the doctor’s fees are. Here are just a few reasons:


    Uncovering your prospect’s pain and dissatisfaction is the fastest way to sponsoring your prospect. Questions make your prospects realize that they are trapped in a rat race with no job security and that they cannot possibly save enough for a secure retirement without adding a second stream of income to their lives.

    - You need to be comfortable securing commitments early and often

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