• The main idea is getting into a routine

    The main idea is getting into a routine and then sticking with it. As with any exercise routine, you should not expect results over night. The lower back is a part of your trunk. Bad habits are ten times easier to form than good ones, and an ab workout plan should be a good habit you start now. What you need to do is to find an ab workout plan that has basic exercises that increase in difficulty as you build your muscles
    . The end result is a decreased load on your lumbar spine which will decrease the chances of rupturing or slipping a disk in your back. If you use slow controlled movements when you are performing exercises for your abs, you will reduce your risk of injury.

    The main thing to remember about abs is that they are the major support system of your body or core. screw barrel

    Whether you suffer from acute or chronic back pain, following a good set of ab exercises
    will go a long way to preventing back pain. Your abs act like the straps around that barrel weak abdominal muscles allow the abdomen to sag which puts undue stress on your lower back. This also creates what is called intra-abdominal pressure. Most low back pain is preventable by keeping your abs toned.

    Strong abdominal muscles will alleviate the load from your lower back. You can think of your trunk as a big barrel that contains all of your organs. If your core is weak, then the rest of your body does not have the proper support to function normally. If you have a back injury or any lower back issues, it is important to start off any exercise routine slowly and to build your muscles gradually. A great looking set of abs starts with an ab workout plan. A great place to start your ab routine is with your back. Increased pressure forces your spine into a more upright position. Strengthening and toning your abs also promotes better posture and decrease back pain

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