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    Do you worry about that your legs are too strong to wear the knee high boots in the cold winter? Are you looking for some means to make you leg much slim? There seven tips to help you to make your legs slim. These tips are quite useful especially in the cold winter.

    Massage is a good way to improve blood circulation. I will tell you a simple way to do the massage yourself. Use your hands to rub your leg from ankle to the thigh with power. Just like to push the water from one side of the bag to the other side. Do it for five times. Then rub from the thigh to the ankle for five times. Then change the other leg to do the same movement.

    You may do fifteen times every day to make your legs slim. At the same time, this massage will help you prevent from edema and some other diseases. You should remember that your leg is straight when massaging. And you should make your foot straight as you can as possible.

    Pinch the calf is also a good way to make your legs slim. Lay your legs naturally on the bed. Then use your hands to pinch the calf spirally. Do almost 25 times to help the blood circulation. Then change another calf to do the same movement. It enhances the strength of the muscles.

    Twist knees is a good way to make your legs slim. Stand naturally with the feet close to each other. Bend your knees from 30 degree angles. Put your hands on the knees. Twist clockwise for ten times. Then twist counterclockwise for ten times. It is helpful to help blood circulation and ease the pains of the extruder screw and barrel Suppliers knee joints.

    You may impossible to ride a bike to make your legs much healthier every day. Now I will introduce you a movement as good as riding a bike. It is quite simple. You may use several minutes to do this exercise before go to sleep every night. First of all, lay on the bed naturally. And lift your legs and bend them to do the movement like you are riding a bike. Just imagine that you are riding a bike and try to do it as quickly as you can.

    After several minutes exercising, you may fall asleep easier than usual. Next morning you may use several minutes to do the same thing before you get up. It makes your legs slim after you do the exercise for a long time. At the same time, it helps to enhance your muscles.

    The fifth tip is to keep your fee warm in the cold winter. There are dozens of acupuncture points on your feet. Most of them are important to your health. Soak your feet in the hot water for fifteen or twenty minutes to make you healthy. And you may put some salt or essential oil to ease the fatigue.

    The sixth one is to scrub your feet every day. Firstly, scrub to warm your hands. Then use your palms to scrub your feet for almost one hundred times. It helps blood circulation. And it also helps to bright your eyes. The most important thing is that it could help your prevent from hypertension, vertigo, insomnia and tinnitus.

    The last tip is to eat something that contains malic acid. Malic acid will help you prevent from the imbalance of metabolism. It can decompose different kinds of nutrient substances. It helps you to promote digestion. It can decompose the fat and help you to lose weight.

    I hope that the above seven tips could help you. I hope all of you could confident about your sexy legs. And I hope all of you could draw everyone’s attention with the sexy evening dress in the party.

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